Dear Perth experts / lovers / inhabitants: give me your favourites!

Hello Perth experts / lovers / inhabitants 🙂

You would help me and also others a lot if you send me your favourite places in and around Perth! I’ll make a map out of all the info reaching me.

I am the happiest person, calling Perth my new home until around end of August 2016 due to a semester abroad at Murdoch University. And I want to discover Perth as much as I’ve got time for it. This is why I need your help. I don’t want to just go to the main sights within a few days and that’s it. I want to experience Perth from different views and discover places that others recommend.

Here is what I’m looking for:

As Australia is expensive and I want to go travelling during my studies, I’m looking for low budget or free things and places that you can recommend. Or if it is in your opinion totally worth spending the money for something, tell me. Your recommendation should not be further than 45 km away from Perth city centre.

This is what you have to send me:

If you have a place, park, museum, restaurant, market, event, accommodation, shopping, bar, club, beach, attraction, view point or whatever else that you love or would like to recommend going to, just send me the following:

  • name of your recommendation, what is it
  • address or location, a google maps link would be helpful
  • 1 or more pictures of it (if you have some)
  • price (if not for free)
  • description why I should go there or why it’s your favourite place
  • maybe your blog (if you have a blog with further information and want me to link it in the recommendation)

Please send everything either by private message through my Facebook page “EARTHtralia” or by mail


I’m looking forward to receiving all your recommendations 🙂

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