about me


Hey my name is Kim (Kimi) and this is what you need to know about me:

I grew up in a little 1000 inhabitant village in the Odenwald region in Germany. This is why I mostly prefer the countryside around me instead of big cities, even though I looooove Sydney.

Travelling through Asia is kind of a challenge because Asians treat me like an attraction quite often due to my 1,86 metres height. It is really annoying after a while but that’s the way it is.

My interests are: travelling, getting to know different cultures and lifestyles, human behaviour/psychology, marketing, photography, …

My whole life I got in touch with different countries either by going on holidays with my parents or by visiting my grandma who lived in the South of Italy for 11 years. But in 2011 I have developed a great passion for travelling when I was in Australia. For half a year I did work and travel with a friend along the East coast of Australia and fell in love with the country and cultures. Since then I dreamed away every day and thought about which places on earth I want to experience in my life. So on 12th of October 2015 my first adventure has started: a 4 month travel through Southeast Asia all on my own.

Currently I am a student at HTW Saar in Saarbruecken in Germany studying International Tourism Management (Bachelor). The reason why I am travelling right now is, that the semester dates in Australia collide with my German semester, so I have a semester off right now and then continue with a semester abroad in Perth, Australia yeeeeeei! Afterwards I hopefully can also complete my internship in Australia. So I am away from home for about 1.5 years. SO exciting!

My vision for this blog:
If I can earn money with this blog, I want to donate a specific percentage to different organizations that care about animal and environment protection. Therefore I want to choose the organizations with the help of my readers and as far as possible I will personally try to visit the organization to see where the money will go to.