about me


Why EARTHtralia?

This blog is about my travel adventures around the world (earth) with special focus on Australia (tralia) as I call this country my second home. I’ve been to Australia already 3 times and hope for more visits to the land down under.

What you should know about me:

Hey, my name is Kim (Kimi) and I grew up in a little 1000 inhabitant village in the Odenwald region in Germany. This is why I mostly prefer the countryside around me instead of big cities, even though I looooove Sydney. I am 1,86 metres tall and my interests are: travelling, nature, different cultures and lifestyles, human behaviour/psychology, marketing and photography.

My whole life I got in touch with different countries but in 2011 I have developed a great passion for travelling when I was in Australia. For half a year I did work & travel with a friend along the East coast of Australia and fell in love with the country and culture. Australia became my second home. Since then I dreamed away every day and thought about places that I want to explore.

On the 12th of October 2015 I boarded the airplane to Taiwan for a great 4 months adventure through South-East Asia. I have experienced an unforgettable and teaching solo travel through Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Bali. Afterwards I have welcomed my boyfriend at the airport in Perth, Australia, to spent a semester abroad together with him. After that a 4,5 months internship in Amsterdam followed until January 2017.

Since then I have continued my international tourism management study in Germany and am now finally finishing my bachelor thesis.

What’s next?

Since 4 years I am dreaming about a big world travel, which is finally going to happen around July 2018! Nothing specific planned yet, but it’s going to be an approximately 2 year “work & travel world travel” with my boyfriend. So exciting!!!